Achieving Financial Stability in an Uncertain Market

The oil, natural gas, and chemicals industry in the U.S. eliminated 107,000 jobs between March and August of this year, according to a report by Deloitte on the future of work in the sector. It’s the “fastest rate of layoffs in the industry’s history,” the report says—a remarkable pace even for a sector famed for its sky-high booms and punishing busts.

As several major energy companies have announced intentions of reducing U.S. and global staff due to industry changes (paired with pressures caused by the coronavirus pandemic), many people in the greater Houston area are left questioning their savings. As we close out 2020 with new leadership moving into the White House, the energy industry continues to feel the pain nearly 12 months into the coronavirus pandemic. 

HFG Wealth Management does not want hard working Texans to be another statistic. We understand that major life events are often the catalyst that drives people to seek assistance managing, growing, and protecting their finances. Using our time-tested, consultative investment process, HFG can help set you on a disciplined path toward meeting your financial goals. HFG creates a proactive approach to the uncertainty of outside circumstances, rather than reactive. We believe in a holistic, personalized, client-focused approach to planning, managing, preserving, and transferring wealth to the next generation.

At HFG, we want to help ensure you can maintain a comfortable retirement—whether it is planned or unplanned. The financial decisions you make now as a result of the unstable energy market will inevitably impact your immediate situation, as well as the financial future of yourself and loved ones.

The HFG team is committed to building meaningful relationships with clients that seek to span time and generations, helping clients live the lives they desire while also helping achieve their financial goals. With over 35 years’ experience working with clients from Exxon and similar companies, HFG’s seasoned staff is well-versed in providing invaluable guidance related to your 401k, pension benefits, insurance, supplemental pension, stock grants, etc. 

If you or someone you care about is currently being impacted by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on their employment outlook, please contact us directly at 832.585.0110 or We’re eager to listen and create a plan that’s suited to your specific needs.

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HFG is an independent financial planning and wealth advisory firm serving individuals, families, and business owners in The Woodlands, Port Arthur and the Beaumont area, as well as nationwide. We have extensive experience assisting individuals and businesses in the energy and related industries.

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